Who Is Joey Supertramp (and where has he been)?

Who Is Joey Supertramp?


Joey Dyer

Date of Birth: 

14th September 1986



Once Lived In:

Essex/East London

Is Currently In:





Travelling the world – Immersing myself in culture, foreign foods, meeting fellow travellers, drinking local moonshines, flying (not physically, in a plane!), hugging rabid animals.

Movies – Hell, I teach them, so I gotta love them! Enjoy a good Hollywood blockbuster but my forté is foreign film and independent productions. You tell me a movie, I can almost guarantee I could name the director and the leading cast.

Nightlife – Getting inebriated, making the best friends of my life (and not seeing them ever again the next day), loud music, dancing like nobody is watching, putting your arm around the stranger next to you and belting out the song playing like you are chanting at a footy game in the crucial final moments.

Music – My roots are in the rock genre, from metal to alternative, however I am quite the fan of a heavy bassline, bright lights and a whole lotta fist pumping!


Hates To The Very Core:

Seafood Sticks/Immitation Crab – I swear they were created by whatever molevolent force that makes the world turn, in order to punish me for any time I do wrong – like, say, push over an old lady or eat someone’s last Rolo. I would kill my entire family with a blunt instrument before you’d have me even put one to my mouth.

Talking During Movies – Unless it’s a silent film, why do you feel the need to add dialogue to something that already contains enough speaking? I appreciate that the story of how you found a dollar on the bus or that lump on your grandmothers neck is getting bigger, however, the next two hours of my life and attention belong to the director and his actors…your problems can wait.

Routine – 9-5? I’d rather a 7-11, get my ham and cheese toastie oooonnnn!


Biggest Accomplishment: 

Meeting and hugging a panda cub in Chengdu, China.

Biggest Regret: 

Not starting this whole travelling malarkey earlier.

What’s The Deal With This ‘Supertramp’ Tag?

After reading Into The Wild (a photocopied version, bought from a Vietnam convenience store), I was inspired by Chris McCandless’ journey and his reasons for leaving everything behind to become a vagabond and do what nobody has done before. Now, obviously my travels are by no means as extreme or as inspirational as his but one thing that I feel we both share, is the ideal of having no possessions and no permanent residence so that you never feel a need to return somewhere. Sell your things, pack a bag, see the world.

…And Where Has He Been?

Number of Continents Visited: 


Number of Countries Visited:


Names of Continents Visited:

  1. Africa
    1. Morocco
  1.  Asia
    1. Cambodia
    2. China
    3. Hong Kong
    4. Indonesia
      1. Bali
    5. Laos
    6. Malaysia
    7. Singapore
    8. Thailand
    9. Vietnam
  2. Australasia
    1. Australia
    2. New Zealand
  3. Europe
    1. Belgium
    2. Bulgaria
    3. Corsica
    4. Cyprus
    5. Czech Republic
    6. France
    7. Germany
    8. Italy
    9. Portugal
    10. Spain
    11. Switzerland
    12. Turkey
    13. UK
      1. England
      2. Wales
      3. Northern Ireland
    14. Yugoslavia (now Croatia)
  4. North America
    1. USA
      1. Alabama
      2. Florida
      3. Georgia
      4. Louisiana
      5. Maryland
      6. Mississippi
      7. New York
      8. South Carolina
      9. Tennessee
      10. Virginia
    2. Canada
      1. British Columbia
  5. South America
    1. Peru
    2. Brazil
    3. Argentina
    4. Chile
    5. Bolivia
    6. Ecuador
    7. Colombia

Places Still On The Bucket List:

  1. Japan
  2. South Korea
  3. South Africa

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