Fun, Frolics and Frog Ferocity at Guangzhou’s Qingping Market (Video)

It’s common knowledge that China and animal cruelty go hand-in-paw like egg, fry and rice. However, the Chinese government have attempted a country-wide clean up of the image it emits when on the subject of mistreatment of animals for consumerism.

This mistreatment of all things fluffy was once rife at the Qingping Market in Guangzhou. Dogs being stripped of skin, ducks decapitated and stacked crates of cats were once all in plain sight of the casual spectator. Of course, this was the 90’s, a time when florescent bomber jackets and the Spice Girls weren’t a crime against nature!

It would appear now, that the animal authorities have stepped in and thrown their weight around a little bit, resulting in a barely justifiable amount of inhumanity.

Despite some of the potentially heartbreaking things I saw, there wasn’t a single moment that detached me from the undeniable reality that I am an alien in a very foreign land and I should therefore not lay judgement on their culture.

This was never more apparent than the warm, friendly and happy reception we received from the market traders. Huge smiles, enthusiastic waves and even some peace signs were thrown in our direction as turtles were stuffed to capacity into crates and frogs were cruelly tossed into buckets, as if playing a twisted fairground game. This was their life, their culinary choices…who was I to judge?

Nevertheless, we made a video about the things we saw that day and Elizabeth from took some incredible photos.

See the full photo gallery of our trip to Guangzhou’s famous market on Elizabeth’s travel blog:

Enjoy the video (although I’m still not sure what was wrong with my squinty right eye that day!) and my next blog post will be detailing my adventures in the beautiful mountain area of Yangshuo.


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